We provide High Quality, Cost-effective Construction Solutions

ATG Projects are specialists in construction, fit-out, refurbishment, modular, non-compliant cladding replacement and vertical transport works across multiple sectors.
Our highly experienced team have worked within Workplace, Education & Childcare, Retail, Industrial, Public, Hospitality & Hotel, and End of Trip Facilities projects and have developed a large base of recurring clients across all sectors.
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ATG are at the forefront of delivering projects ranging from new build commercial spaces to complex fit-out and refurbishment projects.

Project managers, site foreman, contract administrators and estimators work coherently together to ensure our customers have confidence in what to expect every time they choose to work with us. Forward thinking, innovation and consistent delivery is what sets ATG Projects apart from the rest.


At ATG our team have vast experience and have the ability to provide expertise amongst the Commercial, Food and Beverage, Retail, Office and Education sectors.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be able to move from large scale industrial projects and also provide the attention and care that is required where the interior built form requires a keen and detail oriented approach. We understand that when we are complete and hand over our work speaks of your values and your brand.


It is important to respect and work with the existing building fabric to enhance a buildings characteristic whilst creating a tailored solution for our client’s needs.

We have an extensive understanding of what a refurbishment entails to minimise unforeseen and unknown risks and costs, by having protocols in place to tackle problems efficiently and effectively. ATG Projects also have proven experience within the refurbishment of heritage buildings, and have a detailed understanding of the specific requirements involved in taking on sensitive projects.


ATG have adopted the modular construction approach for specific clients and projects.

Modular construction is the ultimate in fast, cost effective and efficient construction. The modular building process is revolutionising the way that the world builds and ATG are at the forefront of this.

We have an extensive understanding of the modular build process and the back of house resources to support this approach.

Vertical Transport

It takes a very specific skill set to manage the replacement and installation of vertical transport units, and our specialised vertical transport team have repeatedly delivered.

ATG Projects have worked on lift shafts in heritage buildings, installed 6x stacked escalators in a major shopping centre, and provided major retail clients advice on the management of logistics associated with such projects. We love the challenge of pulling off these complex projects with satisfied clients every time.

Non-Compliant Cladding Replacement

With recent changes to the national compliance standards surrounding building cladding, we are aware of the increased need to replace cladding.

Over the past couple of years, ATG Projects have replaced cladding to buildings in the middle of major Australian cities, while managing the road closures, scaffolding requirements and other considerations vital to the success of non-compliant cladding replacement.