Did You Know ATG Has a Modular Division?

To further assist our clients ATG has established “the best of both worlds” with a self-performing modular team to work alongside our construction team.

ATG Modular is an in-house dedicated team for both on and off-site construction activities.


Modular Sectors

ATG Modular is delivering modular projects and building success for our clients within the following sectors:
– Commercial
– Education – (Offering both Hire & Permanent Solutions)
– Government


Does Your Project Suit Modular Construction?

Site Impact

Do you want to limit the time that the project team needs to be on site?

More than 75% of a modular project is completed off-site in a controlled environment. This is a huge advantage to the likes of a school environment works.

Remote Access

Is your project in a remote regional location?

Modular suits regional works. ATG can provide price certainty due to the building being built in a controlled environment. ATG can manage supply chain, trades and quality that can be a challenge if you are looking to build in a remote location.

Fast-Track Programme

Do you need to fast track the project programme by executing both manufacturing and site works in parallel with a “just in time” methodology?

Speed to Practical Completion! Once the design is frozen, manufacturing can commence. ATG utilises programming to ensure that the site is ready to receive the building as soon as it’s finished in the factory. Ultimately this is more efficient as modular enables both on site and off site works to be executed in parallel.

Complex Site Scope

ATG have adopted the modular construction approach for specific clients and projects.

Modular construction is the ultimate in fast, cost effective and efficient construction. The modular building process is revolutionising the way that the world builds and ATG are at the forefront of this.

We have an extensive understanding of the modular build process and the back of house resources to support this approach.