At ATG Projects we believe in the foundation of our talented team. We offer a great place to work and constantly motivate our employees to showcase their talent. We understand that paperwork doesn’t make a workplace safe, culture does. Our office encapsulates intelligent design and quality craftsmanship to create a positive work environment set to awake inspirational work spaces for our clients.

We know our success is driven by our people and here at ATG Projects , not only do we transform property for our customers, we help and support the careers of our team members. Transmitting a positive character and exuberating  intelligence, excellence, integrity, and challenges are rewarding and fun. ATG Projects is a place where success reflects teamwork and great people.

Our Vision

The vision for our team and the business’s future is critical. We spend copious amounts of time planning and developing strategies to ensure that we can provide a path for the business that is successful and positive to all people involved.

A family of aligned high performing people
Unity in diversity. Each role may be unique, but the underlying commitment to excellence provides alignment towards the achievement of a common mission.

Generational relationships with our clients and suppliers
We are company of people that is a pleasure to do business with.

A strong and profitable organisation
We know how to do business and we execute in an organised controlled fashion.

Live our values through our actions
We uphold our values in everything we do.

Passionate and innovative people
We are a team of energetic and vibrant people who are experienced in what we do nonetheless open to new ideas and non-resistant to positive change.

Collaborative culture
We anchor our success on our ability to collaborate. We achieve success as a team.

Core Company Values and Culture