Safety is part of everything we do, from planning, right through to our Operational Teams. Our approach to safety is more than simply reducing risk; it’s about providing careful, sustainable practices to our team members, customers and stakeholders.

Our aim is to provide workplaces free from harm, supported by a culture which ensures that the safety of our people and protection of the environment remains an absolute priority.
Our goal is zero harm at every worksite, we believe that all incidents and injuries are preventable; this is supported by our core values of Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Safety and Accountability.

To support our Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) policies, we commit to:

  • Identify, eliminate, or otherwise control health, safety, environment, and quality risks to our people, product, communities and the environment in which we operate.
  • Provide our workforce with the resources they need to achieve our goal of zero HSE incidents, injuries and illnesses.
  • Comply with all applicable commitments, standards, laws, regulations and other requirements.
  • Support a measurable commitment to Safety Processes which meets or exceeds our joint venture partner and customer requirements.
  • Ensure that ATG Projects HSE expectations are clearly communicated and that their management systems are audited.
  • Continually seek to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations and related activities.
  • Generate sustainable HSE performance through long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

Our OH&S Goals & Objectives

The Company’s goals and objectives are to;

a. Overall

  1. Provide services in a professional and quality manner to its clients and maintain a quality place of work. Ensure construction is carried out as per Australian Standards to achieve compliances and exceed client’s expectations.
  2. Establishing and maintaining an Occupational Health and Safety system in accordance with State Government Occupational Health and Safety codes of practice.
  3. Identifying what activities the company carries out that affects or may affect the health and safety of its staff, subcontractors, clients and the public.
  4. Working with its employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and other interested parties to establish measurable objectives and targets to encourage the reduction of the hazards and risks associated with the company’s activities and to improve workplace health and safety environment for all.

b. Occupational Health
Ensuring that all preventative measures have been taken to prevent the spread of any medical conditions, which may, due to the nature of the company’s work, result in a serious health risk to persons whether they be at work or in a public place by;

  1. Eliminating noise when and where possible.
  2. Using chemicals or other substances that have the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency or any other applicable and relevant authority and meet with legislative requirements and eliminating any unnecessary chemical usage & assist with spill control so that public health is not at risk.
  3. Eliminating the risk of air borne fumes and gases into the atmosphere.
  4. Providing a safe means of access and egress from the workplace.
  5. Segregating or isolating all persons from dangerous areas and taking all necessary means to provide warning signs and barricades and exclusion zones to prevent entry of unauthorised personnel.

c. Occupational Safety
Providing a safe place to work and safe working conditions and practices for all staff, contractors and members of the public at its office and at its works sites by;

  1. Giving guidance and setting clear and precise procedures to attain and maintain OH&S goals, committing financial, physical and human resources to achieve them.
  2. Allocating responsibility and accountability to all levels of the organisation.
  3. Eliminating of unsafe working conditions and practices through proper work design, workplace design, standard work procedures, provision of OH&S equipment and provision of appropriate formal and informal training programs and education for all employees in the use of established procedures and adherence to safety rules and regulations.
  4. Employing all practical measures to safeguard employees from injury and where accidents occur, maintaining effective procedures for reporting and recording incidents, injuries and illnesses and carrying out investigations of occurrences.
  5. Carrying out workplace inspections, enforcing safety rules and implementing disciplinary procedures where necessary and continually review safety performance and auditing of the safety program.

Our Commitment

  1. The company is committed to achieving and pursuing the best OH&S practice by improving every aspect of health and safety. This requires the involvement of all staff and subcontractors to help reduce or eliminate any risks and hazards in the workplace. ATG shall provide sufficient resources to comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation, Occupational Health & Safety Act and Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act.
  2. The company recognises that this commitment is an integral part of its current and future business performance and to support this commitment the company undertakes to;
  1. Work with current and future legislation, regulations and codes of practice as may be set by the Government and other authorities in relation to OH&S in the workplace and to regularly review and amend the company’s policy and systems to ensure currency with legislation and changes in the company activities.
  2. Commit financial, physical and human resources to achieve a safe place of work and to allocate responsibility and accountability to all levels of the organisation.
  3. It shall be company policy to maintain, control and to continually review and improve Health and Safety throughout the company.