We take our quality and accreditation seriously, it’s not just a feather to put in our cap. The team at ATG continually work to develop new and improved systems that manage the Quality of our product and how we handover projects.

From the use of our Inspection Test Plan (ITP) process, to our online defecting management software, we have spent countless resources and funds improving how we go about providing to you the best possible product that we can. For us, it’s about continually pushing the envelope and asking the question of ‘what the goal is’ and ‘how are we going to achieve the goal’.


The Pursuit of Perfect Delivery

What is The Pursuit of Perfect Delivery?

To us, the pursuit of perfect delivery is exactly that. The continual pursuit of delivering well for our clients and our company to ensure we are always challenging our performance and seeking to improve.
Our vision for this process is that we are recognised in the industry as a consistent and high performing company that delivers above and beyond the expectation of all stakeholders, every day on every project with any team.
ATG isn’t just our logo, it is our brand and our reputation. It is who we are, the values we live by and how we are recognised. We are all responsible to uphold and continually strive to be better and never settle for mediocre.

People & Culture
Having the right people and team to deliver the expected outcome.

We control quality through process and deliver projects defect free.

Costs are controlled with transparency and integrity.

Projects are delivered on time with effective programme control.

Always acting responsibly and providing a safe working environment.

Accurate, transparent & timely reporting.

Stakeholder Satisfaction
Immersing in community, increasing awareness and involvement in community causes.