We take our quality and accreditation seriously, it’s not just a feather to put in our cap. The team at ATG continually work to develop new and improved systems that manage the Quality of our product and how we handover projects.

From the use of our Inspection Test Plan (ITP) process, to our online defecting management software, we have spent countless resources and funds improving how we go about providing to you the best possible product that we can. For us, it’s about continually pushing the envelope and asking the question of ‘what the goal is’ and ‘how are we going to achieve the goal’.


  1. Provide services in a professional and quality manner to its clients and maintain a quality place of work. Ensure construction is carried out as per Australian Standards to achieve compliances and exceed client’s expectations.
  2. Manage the growth and development of ATG`s client base in a manner that shall maintain stability with ATG`s existing clients.
  3. Ensure construction and servicing schedules are agreed and achieved.
  4. Strive to meet the client`s expectations regarding cost, quality and time.
  5. Meet all legislative and regulatory requirements.
  6. Achieve zero defects on all works performed.


  1. Management shall require all personnel to be actively engaged in the development of ATG`s quality system and work towards continual improvement in meeting client requirements.
  2. The success of ATG`s quality system shall be assured by management and their total commitment to complete implementation within ATG in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO9001:2015 Quality management systems.
  3. The Quality Management Manual of ATG shall outline the requirements of both ATG and its clients. Once these requirements are identified, it shall be ATG`s policy to maintain, control, review and to continually improve.